These are 10 unique hairless cat breeds

How Many Hairless Cat Breeds Are There?

These Are 10 Unique Hairless Cat Breeds

Many unique hairless cat breeds will charm you! These breeds come from all over the world, and each one is unique in its own way. Some hairless cat breeds include the Sphynx, Cornish Rex, Levkoy, Bambino, Elf, Dwelf, etc.

Many people are still in the dark about what a hairless cat is and its appearance. This is mainly because these cats have a unique appearance that can be difficult to describe. However, these felines are typically known for their gentle personalities, so many people choose to adopt one as a pet.

The first hairless cat – was bred in 1966, and the breed is one of the most famous within this group – The Canadian Sphynx. 

Many hairless cat breeds have arisen from gene mutations that provide hair with the keratin protein. These mutations can cause hairlessness to develop during early development, or they can be inherited from a parent. However, most of the time, the hair cells are responsible for the lack of fur on their tiny bodies.

Lack of fur is caused by a mutation in a gene that provides hair with the keratin protein when they emerge from the follicle. As a result, although the hair is formed, it has a weaker structure and can easily be damaged or dislodged. 

It is becoming more and more popular in today’s society to adopt a hairless pet, people love their look, and their character is super charming. So even though these breeds appeared not that long ago – respectable breeders have managed to create a different variety. 

1. Bambino Cat

Bambino cat characteristics

Bambino Cat Characteristics

  • Super loyal
  • Easily trained
  • Extra clean
  • Pets and Kids Friendly
  • Fast metabolism

Bambino Cat Appearance

  • Tiny body
  • Short Legs
  • Sphynx like ears
  • Can be born in multiple colors

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There are ten unique hairless cat breeds, but the Bambino is one of the smallest. This breed is known as a “baby” because of its small size and character.

These cats remind people of real-life babies in their appearance and personality. They are small in size, with a character that reminds one of a real-life baby.

bambino cat personality

Bambino cats are a relatively new and rare hybrid breed of feline cats that combines the physical and psychological traits of – Sphynxes and Munchkin cats. Their legs are cute and short, but the look is Sphynx alike. 

This breed is kids and pets friendly, and most owners say they are the most loving cats. Their loyalty and appreciation to their owner are new for felines, and this cat breed has all its aspects.

The Bambino is one of the tiniest cat breeds on the list, making it perfect for those who want a pet that is very close to being like a real-life baby.

2. Elf Cat

Elf cat breed information

Elf Cat Characteristics

  • Loves Their Sleep
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Pets and Kids Friendly
  • Adaptability Skills
  • Dog alike personality
  • Fast metabolism

Elf Cat Appearance

  • Sphynx Body
  • American Curl Ears
  • Muscular Body
  • Isn’t Completely Hairless
  • Has Whiskers

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Little aliens – people sometimes get confused with Elf cat’s curled ears. Sphynx-like appearance and character are not new for hairless cats owners. However, the new genetic mutation that causes their curled ears -from American Curl – might seem new to some. 

Elf cat characteristics

How the Elf cat breed has been found – In 2004, great cat breeders named Nelson and Kristen Leedom had the vision to create a new feline species that would possess curled ears but Sphynx cats’ appearance and character. A beautiful Elf cat was born after successful mating of pure breed Sphynx and American Curl.

Curled ears are not the only things that leave new pet owners amazed – their character sometimes gets compared with dog personality. As you might know, like other hairless breeds, they require extra attention to hygiene and food.

Elf cat could be slightly more active than the previously mentioned Bambino cat, or Dwelf cat – which is next on our list.

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3. Dwelf Cat

dwelf cat breed information

Dwelf Cat Characteristics

  • Playful
  • Easily trained
  • Pets and Kids Friendly
  • Super loving and cuddly
  • Loyal
  • Dog alike personality
  • Fast metabolism

Dwelf Cat Appearance

  • Sphynx Body
  • American Curl Ears
  • Munchkin like legs
  • Highly attractive
  • Can be born in multiple colors
  • Baby appearance

The Dwelf cat is relatively new compared to other hairless cats breeds. Their different appearance might cause controversial opinions, but this breed is one of the most loving feline cats in the world. 

dwelf cat personality

Dwelf cats are perfect pets because of their character that sometimes might seem as out of this planet. Their loyalty is compared with dogs, as they will always greet you by the doors. Their appearance for a baby, as this is the tiniest hairless cat breed. Their food appetite – for a grizzly bear – even though this breed can weigh from 2kg to 4kg, don’t get confused, they still eat a lot. 

It is crucial to balance out their diets as they have a super-fast metabolism. 

The biggest accomplishment for Dwelf cat breeders is that National Cats Association has added this breed under Experimental New Breed Category. 

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4. Canadian Sphynx Cat

sphynx cat breed information

Canadian Sphynx Cat Characteristics

  • Oldest hairless cat breeds
  • Easily trained`
  • Adaptability skills
  • Real problem solvers
  • Young families friendly
  • Attention seekers

Canadian Sphynx Cat Appearance

  • Long legs and straight ears
  • Muscular Body
  • Has Whiskers
  • Not completely hairless

The Canadian Sphynx cat is the most famous breed from the hairless cats family. There is a lot of Information about Sphynx cats on the internet because these cats are one of the most famous felines in the world, according to research.

sphynx cat personality

They are famous because of their intelligence – Sphynxes can be trained in various commands, which is very unusual for other cats. Their ability to adapt amazes people, especially furry cats owners. 

If you are getting cold at night, a Sphynx could solve this problem as their body temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than humans, and they love to sleep under blankets. Besides their warmth, they will always be by your side no matter what, so make sure that you have plenty of free time before buying a Sphynx.

Canadian Sphynx cat can be highly active and seek attention if you are willing to have a partner for a lifetime – The Canadian Sphynx cat is definitely for you.

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5. Cornish Rex Cat

cornish rex cat information

Cornish Rex Cat Characteristics

  • Highly intelligent
  • Sleep lovers
  • Families friendly
  • Highly active

Cornish Rex Cat Appearance

  • Sphynx Body
  • Unique silky fur
  • Egg-shaped head
  • Large triangle ears
  • They do have whiskers too

The Cornish Rex – this breed has a unique silky fur coat which is very unusual for cats. Even though this cat has some hair on its body, it is on our list because it looks pretty different. Cat owners fell in love with this breed because of this fact.

cornish rex cat personality

Besides their strange-looking coat, they have an egg-shaped head, large triangle ears, and beautiful big eyes – these attributes make them look even more unique.

Most of the cats on our list share similar characteristics, and Cornish Rex too. This breed loves their human parents and enjoys every moment spent with them, especially if the feeling is mutual. 

Cornish Rex cats are known for their strong personality and ability to jump high distances, making them great indoor pets.

6. Lykoi Cat

lykoi cat information

Lykoi Cat Characteristics

  • Loves Their Sleep
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Pets and Kids Friendly
  • Adaptability Skills
  • Dog alike personality

Lykoi Cat Appearance

  • Sphynx Body
  • American Curl Ears
  • Muscular Body
  • Isn’t Completely Hairless
  • Has Whiskers

The Lykoi cat – The Real Life Werewolf – as a felines breed, has appeared not that long ago, in 2011, but Lykoi can be traced back to 1950, Cornwall, United Kingdom. 

Typically, Lykoi cats moult twice a year and may even shed their entire coat occasionally. The Lykoi cat can change its appearance during this time as its coat grows back in different shades.

lykoi cat personality

For a long time, breeders and veterinarians have thought that their coats might indicate health problems. However, most recent research showed – that this is a naturally occurring genetic mutation. 

Even though Lykois and Sphynxes might share look-alike bodies, they came from entirely different backgrounds.

Lykoi cat is one of the newest cat breeds on our list and that is why information about this breed is very limited.

7. Peterbald Cat

peterbald cat information

Peterbald Cat Characteristics

  • Loves Their Sleep
  • Outgoing
  • Super curious
  • Families friedly
  • Adaptability Skills
  • Dog alike personality

Peterbald Cat Appearance

  • Oval head shape
  • Elegant body type
  • Isn’t Completely Hairless
  • Has Whiskers

The Peterbald is a hairless cat breed developed in Russia in 1994 when a breeder named Olga S. Mironova crossed an Oriental Shorthair with a Don Sphynx. The species is now considered an older breed of hairless cats, having been developed before the popularity of hairless cats began to surge in the early 2000s.

peterbald cat personality

Small- to medium-sized Peterbalds demonstrate a few characteristics apart from Don Sphynxes, including their varying amounts of hair and dexterous paws. Taking its oval head shape from the Oriental Shorthair, this breed has an elegant body type and long, lithe legs.

Despite their outgoing, curious, trusting natures, Peterbalds get along with other animals (including cats), children, and total strangers with no muss or fuss! They are willing to play a host to just about anyone who happens by.

TICA (The International Cats Association) has recognised the Peterbalds and has officially accepted them in 1997 as a championship breed in 2005. 

8. Donskoy Sphynx Cat

donskoy sphynx information

Donskoy Sphynx Cat Characteristics

  • Loves Their Sleep
  • Attention seekers
  • Extrovert cat
  • Dog alike personality

Donskoy Sphynx Cat Appearance

  • Larger than Sphynx cat
  • Sphynx like body
  • Flat face
  • Stunning eyes
  • Can be born in multiple colors

Professor Elena Kovaleva of the State Pedagogical Institute in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, discovered Donskoy cats in 1987. This breed does not have a lot of difference from the famous Sphynx cat. The only difference is their size – they can weigh 2-5kg more than the regular Sphynx cat. 

donskoy sphynx personality

The Donskoy is not a cat to leave alone for a long time. They require lots of attention and interaction, so they’re not a good choice for people just getting their first cat or for people who don’t stay home much. However, despite being social and affectionate, they are also curious and love to be around people and other pets (although they are not as friendly with their species).

1987 was an excellent year for Donskoy Sphynx cats. First, they were recognised as cats breed by the World Cat Federation, and then 18 years later, in 2005 International Cat Association announced that the Don Sphynx belongs to their list.

The breed can be known by multiple names – Don Sphynx, Russian Donskoy, and Russian Hairless. From these names, The Don Sphynx is very popular in Russia, as you might guess.

9. Minskin Cat

minksin cat information

Minskin Cat Characteristics

  • Dwelf and Bambino like character
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Pets and Kids Friendly
  • Adaptability Skills
  • Loudspeakers

Minskin Cat Appearance

  • Tiny body
  • Can be born in multiple colors
  • Isn’t Completely Hairless
  • Has Whiskers

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As hairless cats are a relatively new trend in today’s society – Minskin cats are not different. The breed was found about 10 years ago by Paul McSorley’s breeder. 

Hairless cats are a trend in today’s society, and Minskin cats are not different. The breed was found about 10 years ago by Paul McSorley’s breeder.

Paul McSorley, a cat fancier in Boston, created the Minskin breed of cats. He wanted to create a new type of cat with patches of fur that looked like those on a Siamese cat, hairless qualities similar to those found in Sphynx cats, and short legs like those of Munchkins.

minskin cat personality

It’s been over a decade since TICA recognised the Minskins as a “Preliminary New Breed,” He will remain until requirements are met to be recognised by the association.

Minskins’ personality traits are not different from Bambino or Dwelf cats. They all share a look-alike appearance, and sometimes it’s being compared with aliens.

The first Minskin was born in 1998 and reached his desired result in 2000. As of 2005, only 50 Cats existed.

10. Ukrainian Levkoy Cat

ukrainian levkoi information

Ukrainian Levkoy Cat Characteristics

  • Pets and Kids Friendly
  • Adaptability Skills
  • Dog alike personality
  • Laid-back, playful temperament

Ukrainian Levkoy Cat Appearance

  • Ears folded forward
  • American Curl Ears
  • Fit body
  • Has tiny coat
  • Cute look

Since the interest in hairless breeds is becoming one of the hottest trends, breeders around the globe are trying new crosses to achieve the desired bald appearance. By mixing Don Sphynx and The Scottish fold, they have created a breed known as Ukrainian Levkoy. 

ukrainian levkoy personality

Play is a vital part of the Ukrainian Levkoy’s personality, which makes a great cat if you have children or other pets, as this is an active cat who needs company.

If you asked what makes their ears fold, the answer would be – a genetic mutation, and it’s called the ear cartilage defect. Unfortunately, this breed may suffer from severe and painful degenerative joint disease throughout their lives due to the cartilage defect affecting their joints and ear cartilage. 

Elf cat could be slightly more active than the previously mentioned Bambino cat, or Dwelf cat – which is next on our list.

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