The Bambino Cat: Pictures, Temperament & Character

Every pet owner who adopts a Bambino cat can say one thing – These cats are more like an alien that can feel human emotions”.

The Bambino Cat is a new, and rare hybrid breed of feline cats that combines the physical and psychological traits of Sphynxes and Munchkin cats. These cats have a unique look with a round body, short fur, and ears that are quite large. They are known for their playful personalities, easygoing nature, and good-humoured disposition. Though these cats are new to the cat world, they are gaining popularity for their unique characteristics and temperament.

The Bambino Cat is a small breed of cat that has a very cuddly personality. These cats are affectionate and enjoy being around people and other cats. They make great pets because they can adapt to any situation, whether it’s being alone or being with other pets, and become the most beloved members of your family.

Meet the Bambino Cat

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  4. And Temperament
history about the bambino cat

1. Brief History | The Bambino Cat

The Bambino cat has a relatively short history since it wasn’t created until 2005 by cat breeders – Stephanie and Pat Osborne -, who wanted to match the well-known Sphynx cat with the Munchkin cat. A new breed of cat resulted from the crossing of the recessive hairless gene of the Sphynx with the dominant short-legged gene of the Munchkin; this new cat is a closely hairless dwarf cat.

The International Cat Association has recognised the Bambino as an experimental cat breed. However, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) do not believe this is an appropriate classification because they do not want to encourage the breeding of these genetic abnormalities for aesthetic reasons.

what do i need to know about bambino cats

Even though there are two types of people, those who love Bambino cats and those who don’t, they are quickly becoming popular; some people view their genetic deformities as intentional, similar to how Munchkins are considered, while others find them disturbing.

As a Bambino owner, I believe that all cat federations will recognise the bambino cat breed as a standard Cat breed in the next few years. As for now, there is not enough research to prove that Bambino cats are as healthy and as beautiful as any other cat. 

bambino cat character

2. Character | The Bambino Cat

Bambino cats are amiable and affectionate. They make great companions for people of all ages. They are generally easygoing cats who will get along well with most people but maybe slightly shy around new animals or people.

The Bambino name came from an Italian word, Baby, and by all means, the name suits this breed of cats super well. 

The Bambino Cat Characteristics

Sleepiness Medium
Attention Medium

They are not as active and playful as a Sphynx cat or Elf cat would be because this cute cat breed has shorter front legs.

But don’t be scared. It does not affect the cat in any shape or form, as they were born like this. You can see Bambino cats running and playing the same as you would any other breed of cats. Just Bambino cats will be jumping less.

Young professionals love this fact because you won’t find your cat stuck in the window or somewhere elsewhere. 

Their dog-like personality would be another main factor in many more couples and individuals falling in love with this breed.

The Bambino cat is a great example, it will act like a dog, but it won’t need that much time or maintenance compared to a dog. 

Bambino cats, like other hairless felines, are highly intelligent. It is just in their nature to be a leader. Therefore, they love to think in advance before making any steps in their life. Living with a Bambino cat, you won’t have problems with toys lying all over the house. They love to keep a tidy home and hide their beloved toys. 

If speaking about cleaning – Bambino cats are extra clean, and they will wash their paws after each toilet use as honest as a cat can be. It makes me so happy to hear that litter scratching – this is how you know if your cat cares about a clean home. 

bambino cat appearance

3. Appearance | The Bambino Cat

The Bambino cat breed is small and, on average, weighs between 2 and 4 kilograms. That is why Bambino cats are often compared to babies since they are so small compared to other cats. The Bambino breed is one of the most miniature cat breeds!

The Bambino Cat is a small, sleek cat with a long tail. They have an elegant and graceful bodies, with round heads and big eyes. The colour of the coat can be any variation of black, white, tortoiseshell, or calico.

As the breed is relatively new, created only in 2005, it’s very early to decide how long these cats can live. Until now, information on the internet says that the Bambino cat breed typically lives between 9 and 15 years which is quite normal for a pure-breed feline.

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Some people may be attracted to the Bambino cat because they believe it is a hypoallergenic breed. While this is true, their dander may not be as plentiful as cats with a full coat, and they still have a light down that can set off some people’s allergies.

However, many people believe that the Bambino cat can be a new cat breed that will take over many people’s hearts by storm because of its cuteness and affection.

bambino cat temperament

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4. Temperament | The Bambino Cat

The name – Bambino cat – says it all; these cats’ temperament is just out of this planet. They love their parents and are super loyal. When sitting near a Bambino cat, you can feel that this cat tries to understand you, almost like a psychologist speaking with their patient! They will want to know all of your secrets and desires, which makes the Bambino cat one of the most beloved pets. 

Bambino cat could cost a tiny bit higher than a regular Sphynx cat, but bear in mind that Bambinos think and acts differently. For example, they would rather spend a second thinking about the following action and reaction and not just move without thinking about consequences. Adopting a smart pet could be your truly luck.

If you want to have an accurate problem solver at home – Bambino is for you. This cat breed will love you forever and will understand your problems. They will always say things only that you want to hear. 

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